Thornybush Nature Reserve

Thornybush Nature Reserve

Thornybush is one of the oldest private nature reserves in South Africa and teems with plains game and the Big 5. It’s this diversity of wildlife that has made it such a celebrated safari destination.

A Private Paradise

The 14,000-hectare Thornybush nature reserve is private, ensuring our guests enjoy intimate, uncrowded encounters with the wildlife as well as extended time on sightings. The game density is exceptional and we can take you as close to the action as possible. Once darkness falls, you’ll be treated to thrilling spotlight-lit night drives in search of rare nocturnal animals and big cats on the move.

Home to the Big 5

An abundance of perennial rivers, good groundwater levels and a range of vegetation means a diversity of plains game is drawn to Thornybush, which, in turn, attracts predators. From trumpeting elephant herds along river beds to the roar of a lion pride echoing through our camps to the thrill of a close encounter with a stealthy leopard, Thornybush is the ideal place to see the icons of the African bushveld.

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