Big 5 Safari

Big 5 Safari

When you’re planning your perfect safari, the term Big Five will pop up a lot. The term “Big 5,” originally coined by the big game hunters of the early safari days, refers to the five most challenging animals to hunt on foot: lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo. These are Africa’s most iconic animals. Today, however, the only hunting we’re doing is with our camera. Therefore, the phrase has come to represent the most sought after animals to see on safari. Because of their solitary and nocturnal nature, leopards are the most elusive of the five.

A Big 5 Safari Holiday is an experience unlike any other and can even be described as magical!

Just remember that – as you’re trying to tick off these iconic animals – all African wildlife is incredible in its own way. Our safaris are about viewing wildlife in its natural habitat so we can’t guarantee you will always see all of the Big Five, but our suggested safaris below should give you the best chance.

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